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            More life in your life!
            More comfort and convenience
            for shopping with pleasure
            and leisure!

This Shopping Center became a reference to the “carioca”, since it was inaugurated in 1981, providing all the best and most modern you can find in the market.

Always interest in adding the best brands of Brazil and of the world. The mall has 577 shops, which you must browse and admire it.

Have shops of top quality and besides, offers entertainment such as: Bowling Bar offers 20 modern bowling lanes based on the lines of the International Bowling and Hot Zone, one of the most modern indoor parks in Brazil. Restaurants with a superb gastronomy reference and various other services.

New York City Center

Entertainment and shopping center - offers the megaplex UCI: all the comfort and security to your demand is all in one place.

The 18 multiplex cinemas build like a "stadium" with 4,612 recline seats. Area with digital technology in sound systems with Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS and SDDS. Giant screens are in the 2520 sessions by month.

Besides you can find excellent restaurants, Fast food and an exclusive gallery for Surf-lovers.

How about a happy hour after shopping?

The best places you’ll find at the New York City Center.

Every Friday, a jazz presentation, 8 PM to 12 AM, at the New York City Center

Gems, Crystals, Minerals and Stones
West Zone- RJ

In 1970 starts a foundation of a shop on the west part of Rio, between partners which begin their business by polishing and shaping just a few type of stones , specially amethyst and Agatha, which were extracted from their own mines, that were, at that time, just located only in South of Brazil.

However as the sale were increasing in Brazil and also abroad, started them marketing several other variety of rough mined in many other Brazilian States. Nowadays, maintains a large stock of different types and qualities of minerals, gems and carving.

It’s possible and easy for the company to export to the entire world with a very special price for that.

Also excellent prices for wholesale are offered. Discover the power of energy in your life by the gems, crystals and minerals.

TERESA STREET - Petrópolis - 100 km from Rio de Janeiro.
The largest mall in an open area.

Within a universe of 302 thousand inhabitants (IBGE, 2000), 40 to 60 thousand people live directly or indirectly from the production and sale of clothing and accessory(wholesale or retail) produced in the complex of 910 stores.

They sell over 100 million pieces annually and attract 200 thousand visitors every month.
This total includes the entire production from the factory to the distributors, sales and outlets.

The confections in glob diverse range of products from the shirts to knitting fabric, jeans and fitness swimwear.

The confections in Petrópolis are one of the largest industries in Brazil and, since the 50ths, have the record of visitor from all over.

“Lingeries” in Nova Friburgo
160 km from Rio de Janeiro

The city of Nova Friburgo is in the region Serrana of Rio de Janeiro, known as "The Brazilian Swiss land" due to its colonizers.

Is proud to be consecrated the national capital of the intimate fashion and today is a implement of industry that provide a big opportunities of jobs to it region.

The approximately 900 confections produce toward the lines: lingerie day and night sensual wear, swimwear and fitness.

The industry generates more than 20 million jobs, directly and indirectly, an annual turnover around U.S. $ 600 million.

Fills an important slice of the Brazilian market, in some segments. Responsible for 25% of the country production. Exportation is also a representative arrow.

Working with the foreign market, 14% of its business is found in several countries, but mainly in Canada, USA, Uruguay and Argentina.

Today, the Intimate Wear Polo Fashion of Nova Friburgo, have a project to enhance competitively nationally and internationally.

The fame of Lingerie from Nova Friburgo attracts people from the entire world!

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